March 28, 2015

New words You ever do something shady You ever smoke a bong with a pregnant lady Saying thanks but not saying please Check into an orgy without checking ID’s Chorus Ya i learned It’s a real fine line Between a mug shot And a real good time Between doing silly stuff with a switchblade knife And some dude doing you For 25 to life I know a lonely old lady And I’ll tell you the truth I called it fuckin a friend They called it elder abuse.

Yes Bitches Soon people, soon
Yes Bitches
Soon people, soon

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    It works!

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    Funny. I once followed an eagle by the river and looked into the horizon at Murderer’s Bar for nine hours and realized I didn’t know anything about what I was looking at. When I realized I didn’t have my contacts in and in fact I was staring looking Mike’s ass with gravel sticking to it from doing some girl in the dirt, I realized it was ok that I didn’t know what I was looking at.

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    It’s proto doom melodic death. The first song is called Earth Dies of Septic Necrophagia While I Rock Out To Iron Maiden. LCD is what you were tripping on when you thought you were tripping on LSD. It’s the best we can do in Auburn. I’ve got good images if this is a Dark metal or death metal or melodic black metal. Or dark black melodic death metal.

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    I thought an LCD trip was when you see your reflection in your IPhone and realize you don’t know that person at all. What is an LCD trip? “Jumping Off The Foresthill Bridge Bummed My LCD Trip”