Free music, free music

March 30, 2015

Yo People, As a little bonus to the charter members to our free website with free membership, we will soon be making available tracks from “Non-Dairy Creamers,” our c. 1998 “transition phase album.” The social media people told us this is guaranteed to drive traffic to our site, increase “hits” and result in absolutely no additional income to us. “Non-Dairy Creamers” was recorded mainly in Sacramento at Enharmonik Studios [meta tag Cake, meta tag Heckler, meta tag everything but Bunkum], with some stuff recorded in apartments in Reno, NV. The approach was mostly laid back and a variety of styles were used, including rap (“It’s Another Day”), pop punk (“You Went Punk”), proto black metal social criticism (“Goat Cheese and Beer”) and just good old fashioned BK weirdness (“Camels Are Nice” and “I Just Do More of What I Do”). “Non-Dairy Creamers” found our heroes in their late 20’s emerging from college, grad school, various dead end jobs, 12 step meetings, psychoanalysis, sanitariums, etc. in order to make sense of what had become of their lives. Applying the filter of Bunkum may not have been the best idea, but oh well. Discussions were had in various casino eateries with Chris Hubbard about returning to the fold, but we never heard back. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask yourself, but don’t call us. — Marcia

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