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Chris Bodie Hubbard, 1958 – 2017

On the date of the 2017 summer solstice, our friend and drummer Chris Hubbard moved on to a higher plane. Read some memories from our lead singer, Easy. Chris Bodie Hubbard 1958-2017


Die turkey die!

The Eagles of Death Metal were the best band on EARTH!!!

They were shot down in their PRIME!!! For standing up to ISIL!!! What brave thing did you ever DO!!!??? You guys SUCK!!!

You can’t pass this by!

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Me and Easy

Kickin it in Riverside getting ready for Motorhead and Saxon.

Goat Boy

I am touching my hoove. Love, Goat Boy

Two Weeks

The city of Redlands will be a flame with the love fire of Bunkum. Love fire is not herpes.

Sitting at Lunch

Thinking about how awesome Bunkum is. Bunkum is so dominant in so many musical genres. Did Mozart rap? Did the Beatles have electronic dance hits? Bunkum is easily the greatest band ever.


Responses have been overwhelming, so yes...yes we will be recording on Memorial weekend.