clASSic! That girl musta had one hard body. Metal just chiseled her down to gravel. Keep those songs rolling Ezy. I like the idea of writing about Auburn's finest fellows and tramps......How can we talk about LSD and not write a song about Mr. Stillwell? Funny. I once followed an eagle by the river and looked into the horizon at Murderer’s Bar for nine hours and realized I didn’t know anything about what I was looking at. When I realized I didn’t have my contacts in and in fact I was staring looking Mike’s ass with gravel sticking to it from doing some girl in the dirt, I realized it was ok that I didn’t know what I was looking at.

Soon people, soon

"Light, Sweet, Crud(e)" aka "Chinese Monarchy" will be available for electronic download soon. We are working with Neil Young for a few more weeks to get it mastered for his new intergalactic resolution standard.


New words You ever do something shady You ever smoke a bong with a pregnant lady Saying thanks but not saying please Check into an orgy without checking ID's Chorus Ya i learned It's a real fine line Between a mug shot And a real good time Between doing silly stuff with a switchblade knife And some dude doing you For 25 to life I know a lonely old lady And I'll tell you the truth I called it fuckin a friend They called it elder abuse.

Yes Bitches

World domination is nigh!